Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Viking Shields at the Viking Restaurant in Harafjordur

Ive decided to take pics of the shields at the Viking Restaurant in Harafjordur. For reference for LARP use and for fun. Looks like many of the shields were used in Viking Festival in reenactments.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

LARPING in Iceland

the RPG LARP in Iceland is amazing.
The weapons are mostly the painted-realistic kind, using round fiberglass cores with kevlar protection, foam, covered in latex paint, that is sprayed with silicone regularly for maintenance, that you get from Epic Armory.
The rules is that one must play one's Character, and speak in one's Character. The rule is that one doesn't speak out of character unless a situation calls for it.
When one speaks out of character or is out of the game, one holds a fist above one's head. When one needs a "Time Out" to discuss a rule or some safety issue, one does a 'time out' signal.
Usually everyone has 2 hit points, and certain armor cuts hits by half, thus you'd have to hit the armor twice to get through it. Light 'papercut' nicks from blades don't count.

In order for me to be introduced into the game, I had to walk into the village wounded, a cut to the leg. I hobbled into the village, and I spoke to a druid about my wound, as he could see, and he called the nurse, an elf girl, and she came to heal my wound, apply bandages and muttered some healing spells. I explained that I was attacked by a orc war-band (a small one) and escaped.

Although in Iceland the partying and bars open and I didn't sleep unitl after 6am, I had little sleep and was tired, I was quite excited about my first real RPG larp adventure. I fear that staying up the night before made me tired and so I was a bit spaced out and not too creative with my rpg. But that's what I love about Roleplay, is that it forces you to be creative and inventive with one's actions and choices. Thats the therapy that I need in life, because Ive made a lot of bad life choices. Most guys in Tulsa's Melee just want combat and no RPG, but I need the RPG to grow and learn. I need RPG therapy to live my life better. The Icelandic LARP has beautiful Larp girls many of them, way more than Melee, and they are every nerd dudes fantasy. There was a redhead barbarian, with red battle paint on her face, and an severed orc's ear on a necklace and jumps from boulders with agility and has quite a tempter, attacking another girl; an elf healer, an elf girl with black hair and a figure of a small elf and looks like a real one; a sorceress girl with blue hair; a black hair girl carrying a bird cage (I asked about it and didn't quite hear what she has in the cage); a blonde sorcerer, etc.

If I can recall from memory Ill try to describe the events accurately. Many of the gamers may be speaking to other in Icelandic, so it is hard for me to follow. It is by reading body language that I can see whats going on. In the Tavern, there are small tents, (mini ones to represent a camp) and a large blanket walls to represent a Tavern, with blankets on the ground. Many props from Epic Armory are used, such as large foam beer mugs (looks like wood), a dough roller (Foam but looks like wood) etc. There is gambling, over dice/cards/bones/Backgammon. The Innkeeper sells snacks and drinks (of which are non-alcoholic). I choose the most cheapest drink "Ill have your cheapest ale" (represented water) and then joke that a "dwarf could drink a hundred of these drinks and not get drunk". Then the conversation went to some gambling over duels, in which everyone left the village to a small gladiator pit area where fighters sparred for bets. I fought a dude, but I couldn't understand RPG combat, and why he didn't die after I struck his chest repeatedly. It was then I learned that there are 2 points, and that it was played like "Old School Melee" in which characters decide if they die by taking enough hard hits and wounds. It was rather confusing to me to figure out if I was killing my opponent. After several times (with explanations on the combat) I decided to let the character kill me to get the game flow going on. Back to the village, more gambling, then I spoke to the innkeeper about any bounties, and one was offered for a man who tried to assassinate the innkeeper. So I went off with the druid, and we looked for a man who has strange white skin and wears a cloak. We went through the woods, and then upon not seeing the character, we went to the other small village on the base of the mountain, where there are structures made out of logs and sticks, in which people leave their mundane gear behind before entering the forest with their 'character and character gear'. it is from there many adventurers gathered for an adventure party, and we went on a journey through the woods, our Wizard with the grey beard, hobbled slowly on his staff and didn't arrive until minutes later, walking slowing in character thru the forest; we have a werewolf and an orc on our adventure party. The woods is magical Icelandic forest and mystical, it looks enchanting out of any fantasy novel and could easily inhabit elves, faerie, trolls, dragons etc. We came upon a magic circle, its boundaries marked by a small fence of twigs and sticks, and a robed character in the middle guarded a magical relic, a neon green wood talisman with runes inscribed on it. Death came to characters who entered the magic circle. Many ways were tried to get the sorcerer out of the magic circle so he could be fought and the spell broken, so that the magical relic can be taken. Things were thrown at the robed character, such as seed cones from evergreen trees. Taunts were given. If I remember correctly, a knife was thrown at the robed character, and the redhead ran in and took the magical talisman, which possessed her, and now she had to fight the other adventurers, and the magic circle was still intact because of the magical talisman possessing the redhead. She was fought and killed some how, for she left the magic circle in her blood rage. So in order to dispel the magical talisman, it had to be touched with anything but human hands, and thus given to the elf sorceress in which she had to remove it's magical qualities with a dispel.

Well, that was fun. I would have been more RPG-interactive if I had more sleep and wasn't tired, and also more experience. Nontheless, I felt like I was in a Dragonlance Novel. I felt like I had more fun than Tulsa's Melee and that RPG is more for me.

 large zooming views and a wonderful lakes nearby
 the park is quite large, very big there are many trails and many forests, ridges, gorges, rocks, etc.
 plenty of huge battlefield space
 many mystical forests with moss
 The Perlan looks like some elf structure, maybe
 rock quarries make great castle walls
 nice views
 great views
 the action- being in character, cameras arent allowed during the game

 more of the awesome natural castles