Thursday, May 8, 2014

Warhammer Zavant at Dark Tides..

Prior to Dark Tides, on the way there in the car I was reading Zavant, a Warhammer novel. Zavant is the Sherlock Holmes version of Warhammer. Neato stuff. 
Well, on Friday, I needed a ride to Wal-Mart to get some grub as eating BBQ got expensive and I needed bottles of water, and so a Odd took me there, and later on, he lost his IPhone on top of the mountain, he had been looking for at least 2-4 hours for it and took several people there to help him. I asked if I could help, and I went with him, shone my flashlight, and found the IPHONE. By the looks of it, I found a needle in the haystack. One big mountain, at least a half-mile or a mile of trails through the forest, and I found the IPhone in the bushes.
Isnt' that Sherlock Holmish?
Well, I had visions prior to the flooding. I was terrified to sleep at approximate 5:00AM, I had visions of people ah, drowing or burning in hell. I couldn't tell which was which, as my imagination went too wild to hold it down to a constant, logical image and logical theme. I perhaps dozed for 15 minutes when at approximate 5:30AM a thunderstorm woke me up and terrified me, and drained my energy.
I sat in the tent, wondering what to do when lighting and thunder was everywhere.. after a while, I decided I couldn't sleep and that I should get out of the tent and see what I can do to better the situation. I went to the outdoor theater that had an overhang roof. Other people were huddled there and shivering. A girl was crying. I looked at the storm, at the tents.. and I saw, a vision.. of knights, kinda like a Cubist version of Knights, all moving in a procession.. and somehow that procession of a whirl of cubistic armor peices and plates all went from the knight human shape to small armor pieces and then down to nothing.. what did that mean?
Of course, those visions meant the flood.. which I wasn't aware of. My fears were on lighting strikes, not on a flood. I didn't think there wasn't a danger of a flood- because the land and the surrounding area couldn't cause a flood. But.. because a fire broke out somewhere and the pigs were doing something while firemen were trying to put it out, far away.. they broke a septic tank or something and caused a flood, breaking a bridge and causing a flood.. Ill check the news report for details..

so what does Zavant theorize.. it couldn't be too far-fetching to theorize that perhaps the Pigs wanted to fuck with Dark Tides..

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Dark Tides at Dark Tides

Dark Tides is a Dragonhir (dag) style of LARP that is awesome and is a big gathering out in Junction City, Kansas. The event is called "Dark Tides- Escape from Source Island".
After a wonderful weekend, a night of debachery, watching Purple Barbarian girls strip and dance topless on the poles of the great tent, I go to bed at 5 AM. At 5:30AM, the ground shook from a raging storm, the thunders were very loud and made the ground rumble, the storm was very angry and growling, farting out lighting from it's cloudy ass. It rained very fast and hard, everything was drenched. Here you see in this pic, is the stage in which we ran from our tents to take temporary shelter before being moved to a real storm shelter on high ground.
A jaded, shocked onlooker takes a picture of the carnage, recording the damage to their tents and campsites. Many hundreds of tents were swept away by the Dark Tides. True that we Escaped Source Island with our lives from the Dark Tides, but alas, our belongings did not, our tents, our sleeping bags, our underwears and socks, our Playboy Magazines, our Dungeons and Dragon games, Dice, armor, weapons, shields, valuables, the family jewels, etc. I did lose my shield, my tent, some tools, some crap, Playboy Magazines, etc.
This was my lovely campsite, next to the river. My shield has an Icelandic Magic Stave, which is a compass spell, which is the same magic stave as Bjork's tattoo. Alas, this shield was swept away in the storm as well, and underneath it was a wonderful duct tape design that took me 10 hours to do. The tent is a Blacks tent from Scotland, where I brought it to go camping at Connectfest where I saw Bjork's Volta tour.
the duct tape emblem I spent 10 hours on the shield that got washed away by the storm.
the waterfall at the river next to my campsite.
perhaps the guy who was sacrificing a baby (fake one) and covering people in (fake blood) with it angered God and the storm broke out (joke, lol)

thats quite the carnage, eh? The Dark Tides swept away the village, but we Escaped from the Source Island.

 there are rows of which marked by lines and a colored box- a dice is rolled and if you are standing in that color, you are dead.

 those 'boundary lines'. Interesting markers, they give me ideas to paint some "Live Action Dungeon Floor Plans" for LARP use. Itll be my art project.

 HERE these pics are the Moob contest, where Nathan of Trim won real money, and a bag of gold coins